Wanted: Your Vote.

2014votepledgelargesolution.jpgSince 2012, the average voter turnout in the numerous special elections in San Bernardino and Riverside counties has been dismal.

Some issues and races were decided with up to 90% of the voters not even casting a vote.

Additionally, vacancies on boards and commissions have, more often than not, been decided by an appointment process where the successors were already decided before accepting applicants.

 All of this is a huge problem. 

Cesar Chavez said that we don't need a perfect democracy, but perfect participation. It is imperative to vote in every election. It is important that elected officials know that we are paying attention, that we know the issues and that we are using the first avenue afforded us in this democracy.  For far too long, a small minority of voters, corporate interests and out-of-touch community members have been determining what is best.  

Will you pledge to add your voice and let our elected officials know that YOU are paying attention and that together, we will hold them accountable to do the right thing for the community and have their back when they do? And, that we will vote them out when they don't.

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