If American women said, 
"This sh*t stops now.”

It would stop now.

 Childhood poverty. More prisons built. Cuts to education. Unequal pay. Mass incarceration. Big money influencing elected officials and overpowering working families. Systemic violence, and pervasive social, economic, and environmental injustice.

The problem with politics as usual.

      • Misguided and Immoral Budget Priorities
      • Systemic Social and Economic Injustices
      • Bleak Health, Economic and Environmental Future for our children.
      • Millions of our neighbors disengaged from “toxic” politics.

The solution.

Women of all walks of life must be involved in the conversation.  Together, we can find the solutions: in city halls, state capitols and in Washington DC.  The current dysfunction in governing has gone on way too long.  The answers won’t be simple nor easy, but…

If we are to make the positive changes needed, we have to do it together and it is TIME FOR WOMEN to stand up and join the conversation like never before.

Join us today, and support our mission in every way that you can.

Our community is filled with women and men whose lives have created a powerful history, principle, and commitment and are now looking for an opportunity to serve, to be a part of the positive changes needed in politics and in our world.