A New Voice for Highland

I am running for Highland City Council because I have a viable plan to improve our city through fiscal integrity and ensure a healthy and prosperous future for Highland.

As a longtime resident of Highland, I am distressed that the city council is so out of touch with our community. I have watched the council target small businesses, support irresponsible housing projects, and completely ignore the unsustainable fiscal trajectory we are on. We must change our course now.

We must focus on increasing revenue to avoid future insolvency. Attracting and retaining innovative small and medium sized businesses in industries like renewable energy and technology are keys to expanding economic development.

I strongly oppose the Harmony project because it creates long term financial burdens that the next generation of residents will be forced to address.

I can and will stand up for our residents rather than corporate profit. I will put an end to fiscally irresponsible contracts, such as the 20-year trash collection contract with Burrtec, and will make sure city contracts are not negotiated in back rooms.

It’s time for new leadership in Highland. I appreciate your support as we work to move the city forward

My name is Gilda Gularte. I am a resident of Highland, CA.
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