What being organized means.

I just finished reading an article (also done in a video presentation) by Paul Schmitz (Senior Advisor, Collective Impact Forum; Innovator in Residence, Beeck Center for Social Innovation and Impact, Georgetown University; author Everyone Leads: Building Leadership from the Community Up) entitled, "How Change Happens: The Real Story of Mrs. Rosa Parks & The Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Today is the 59th anniversary of the day that Mrs. Parks refused to give up her seat, but as the article and video clearly show, she was no "accidental activist."  And, the change that the modern-day civil rights movement worked towards for decades (and continues to do) was not accidental either.  Activists and politically informed people made up the leadership of the movement, and like today, a wide variety of gifts and talents, knowledge and opportunity, were needed to give the movement the moral power of justice and the strategic wisdom of nonviolence.

That is the essential idea behind the establishment of Catalina's List. Positive change doesn't happen on accident. Addressing key issues of the day will not take place in our public forums if we continue on as we have always done. Gender parity -- the equal representation of women in the political world -- will not happen in the nearly 100 years it has been since women have been able to vote in the United States.  

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