Stand Up Like a Mountain

Excerpt of Original Artwork, The Importance of Water by Damien Mountain. All rights reserved.We answered the call.

This campaign started with Standing Rock Fortification and is part of our partner organizations' ongoing effort to educate our community about the need to divest from fossil fuels, to cultivate sustainable energy options and to protect our shared resources.  Some people call it environmental work, but we consider it Mother Earth restoration.  In 2016, we supported activists to fortify the camp in North Dakota with supplies, with people, and with financial support. Additionally, we will provide opportunity for folks to move in action in solidarity with our sisters and brothers here in the Inland Empire.

Join the campaign with your support and join in at upcoming find out more about our partner organizations and activities including the local Air and Water Team, SB County Water Defenders and more.

Local Partner Organizations 

Chicano Indigenous Community for Culturally Conscious Advocacy and Action or CHICCCAA is a grassroots cooperative committed to educating and implementing Chicano Indigenous philosophies and ideologies into the modern society that surrounds our community here in the Inland Empire. (

Uniting Peace With Actions Respect and Dignity or UPWARD has a mission to unite individuals and organizations at a local, national, and global level which share the common goals of peace with justice. They network, collaborate, participate, and promote non-violent actions creating dignity, human rights, health, well-being, environmental sustainability, and world peace. (

A local group of the national organization and regional Chapter, the Sierra Club Metro Committee is here to listen to your concerns on environmental impact issues for San Bernardino, Riverside and the Inland Empire. (

Co-founder of Catalina's List, Bobbi Jo Chavarria is Vice-Chair of the San Gorgonio Chapter, and Membership Chair for 2018. The organization is working to include all voices in the environmental justice movement in our region.

To inform & unite our community on issues that affect us directly & move people to action.

GROW FONTANA (Grassroots Rising and Organizing to Win)
Everyday people, working together, to establish a citizen engagement program through grassroots organizing, leadership development, and conscious action toward a better future.  About the GROW logo: The picture depicts a community rallying together to protect the beautiful "Tree of Life" against a bulldozer set on tearing it down. It's symbolism speaks for itself - people coming together to protect our communities from destructive forces can make a difference. Think globally, act locally.

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