Prayer Circle For Water Protectors

Join Indigenous Defense & Resistance Unity Movement (IDRUM) and other community members at sunrise for a prayer circle in front of Safariland LLC, the manufactures of the same 'less than lethal' products like CS (tear gas) canisters, rubber bullets, concussion grenades & more that were used on peaceful water protectors by law enforcement at Standing Rock on Sunday November 20, 2016. 

We will peacefully gather and pray for the water protectors who were hurt on that day. Including Sophia Wilansky who had to have her left arm amputated in result of being hit by a concussion grenade launched by law enforcement. That product was made by Safariland. 

Meet with us in circle to send prayers & protection from these products of perpetual violence and to hold this corporation accountable for its participation in the militarization of local law enforcements.

Welcome to bring drums, signs, medicine, etc,.

December 10, 2016 at 5:30am - 12pm
Mary Valdemar
Ernesto Arce Allison Suzuki J Ramirez Elias Starla Madrigal Juan Deuce Orozco Sonia Gonzalez Deva J Aurora Tatiana Sofía Conejo Evan Samuel Heimlich Scott Orellana Inglés Scoggins Hag Dani Fanny Demode Jody Isenberg Josie Moberg Silvia Silvia Kelly Caballero Whitney Wagner Rodrigo Alvarez Jason Martinez Viviana Fehr Ramirez Jordan Clark Cuauhtli Toltecatl Bobbi Jo Chavarria Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice Caroline Magee Ingrid Gutierrez Genna Kules Jessica Rogue Element Vivian Diaz Benjamin Wood Jubilee Lopez Olivia Sarriugarte Mary Valdemar Sabrina Gunter Charlotte Hughes Zemia Edmondson Hannah Marie Buehler Sam Flores Clarissa Worcester Emily Freilich Elizabeth Perez Cho Ryan James Antillon De Tal Fulanx Jacobo Wendee Phil Brayley Carolina Mahalat Castro Jasmine Castro Chella Isabel Marie Coleman

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