Phone Bank Script

Script - “not home” after canvassing   Click here for PDF

Hello may I speak to _________?

Good morning  ____________ how are you doing today?

My name is ________________. I am a volunteer for Gilda Gularte who is running for Highland City Council here in District 4.

We recently stopped by and left a small gift. A list of important city services and some of the main reasons why Gilda decided to run.

Have you had an opportunity to review the information?

“No” - I would love to tell you a little about Gilda Gularte, do you have a moment?

“Yes” - (Tell them about Gilda. Make sure to repeat her name).

“Yes” -  Do you have any questions we can answer?


Can we count on your vote on November 6th?

“Yes” - great ! Thank you. We appreciate your support for Gilda Gularte. Could we have your email to keep you up to date on the campaign ?

Thank you so much for your time. Have a good day.

“Maybe” - Thank you very much for speaking to me. For more information about Gilda Gularte please visit   Thank you very much for your time.

“No” - Thank you for your time. Have a good day.  


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