Moving Forward Together

Glenda Barillas for Fontana City Council, District 4

Glenda Barillas is a 32-year-old Latina, and Fontana is her home. Born and raised in Southern California, her family has lived in south Fontana for almost 30 years. She’s watched our city change and grow, more than doubling in size during that time.

Three years ago, Glenda became involved with local organizations that highlighted local politics and policies. After researching much of what was going on in Fontana, she realized quickly that the people of her community deserve better than more warehouses and air-pollution.

Like many, she felt as though there was nothing she could do as an individual, and that nothing would ever change. In talking to her neighbors and peers, she found that she was not alone in this way of thinking.

In 2015, her perception changed. She joined the Bernie Sanders grassroots campaign and connected with the community like never before. She was knocking on my neighbors’ doors, holding meetings at a local pizza spot, and listening to the stories of the people around her. Although they had many differences, they all shared the very similar struggles.

Glenda believes that District 4, and this city, deserve better. The people of south Fontana deserve cleaner air, good-paying jobs, responsible development, and more affordable places to live. What we need to move forward together is to have a honest and true voice on our City Council that will hold on to the values of listening to our community, understanding the issues, and presenting a new vision for Fontana; one that is inclusive, self-sustaining, and innovative for years to come.

** Glenda also serves as Dir. of Business Development for Catalina's List.

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