Internal events could include field work, staff meetings, candidate interviews with key constituencies/organizations, etc.

External events would be items that would be where voters already are (ie community events), of interest to the voters (debates, speeches, tour events), or where the candidate has been invited to attend.


  • Field - Phone banking, canvassing, mailing, volunteer recruitment
  • Candidate Support Events - These events are where campaign volunteers can provide a friendly face in the crowd, help gather signatures or capture potential volunteer information, disburse campaign material to supporters and serve as a complement to the candidate who may not be able to reach everyone at an event.
  • Training - Volunteer and activist trainings, and could even include candidate trainings that are open to volunteers also.
  • Rally/Action
  • Fundraiser
  • Lobby Visit
  • Positivity Events - these internal events are created to add positivity to the candidate, staff and key volunteers. These can happen anytime there's a need for good food, laughs, nurturing and unwinding. 

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