Dear Vecino, I wrote "Never Again" 8,245 Days Ago


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Dear Vecino, 

Policy solutions and hope. That is what I hope to offer. I share with you the keynote speech from Friday evening's training event, Peggy Flanagan, Exec. Dir of Children's Defense Fund.


Yesterday it was announced that the Grand Jury in Ferguson decided to not indict the officer responsible for the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager who was shot six times by that police officer who claimed that he feared for his life.

A little less than 8,245 days ago I wrote a poem entitled, "Never Again" because I was in Los Angeles at a Laker game the night the riots started. And, as the days went on, I was getting a little tired of the pundits giving space to Pres. Bush who called the rioters, "thugs and crooks."

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Tell Congress:  Pass HR5478 - the ‘‘Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act’’

LOCALLY:  Is your police department like mine?  

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