Catalina's List 2018

Our motto:  "Growing women leaders from the ground up" is based upon a deep understanding that women need to be anywhere decisions are being made, and women need to be at the forefront of any movement that makes this happen. To that end we have spent almost 6 years working to develop programs, outreach, recruitment, mentoring and training to find and support progressive women in the Inland Empire. The last 2 years have seen exponential growth in our local leadership, the addition of two very strong Board Members and of course, elected offices that need to be filled by powerful women.  To help us continue our work, please join us today or make a one-time contribution.

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For the first time, in 2018, we had a slate of candidates that we proudly, enthusiastically and wholeheartedly endorsed. There are additional candidates that deserved support, but as a growing organization we were limited in the resources and time it takes to offer full-fledged assistance. We cheered these candidates from afar, but always celebrated their journey and courage.

These candidates, with the support of volunteers, activists and community members, ran grassroots, corporate-free campaigns to serve their community. Each has a vision and understanding of what is missing and what they can bring to the table. All have a lifetime of experience, skills, and knowledge that will enable bold and effective policy change for a better community and a better tomorrow. 

Learn more about them by clicking on their profiles below.

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