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    It is time to organize for the long-term. If we want to see improved policy for our community, and our children, most of all, we have work to do.

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    We will work to bring step-by-step education and training to Progressive women in the Inland Valley and beyond -- for civic engagement and empowerment. 

    Florynce Rae "Flo" Kennedy (February 11, 1916 – December 21, 2000), was an American lawyer, activist, civil rights advocate, and feminist.

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    Every grassroots organization needs volunteers. At Catalina's List you have the opportunity to volunteer and gain valuable experience in all aspects of a campaign, grassroots organizing, leadership development and support. Every effort makes a difference and your willingness to participate can make a lasting and profound difference in our community.

    Please take the time to complete the information below, and an organizer will contact you shortly. 

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    Q: Would you be willing to work for change in the SBCDCC?
    A: Yes

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    I just pledged to support all the schools in Fontana with a contribution to Bobbi Chavarria!

    Bobbi Chavarria for Fontana Schools - Winning Campaign Moneybomb


    A winning campaign requires resources to get the message out to voters.

    Your help is needed!

    So far, the candidate ballot statement which every voter receives in the "Sample Ballot" at election time, is estimated to cost $1827 which was due at the time of filing so it's on a credit card. 

    Next, to honor our working families and the union staff members and teachers that serve our schools, we must ensure that our printed campaign materials are sourced through union print shops. We have allocated a first-run budget for business cards, flyers, and other campaign materials at $1500.

    State campaign committee filing fees and costs associated with opening up a campaign bank account will be about $80. 

    Whether you can do a one-time contribution or commit to a monthly pledge through the election, anything you can do to help will be appreciated and used to win. 

    $220.00 pledged
    Pledge now