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    Absolutely unacceptable behavior and we as a community, and as a political leaders need to speak out loud and strong against violence against women, and abuses of all kinds. Accepting this kind of outburst leads to escalating behavior from men who think this is tolerable.

    Open Letter to Rep Norma Torres

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    Open Letter to the Honorable Norma Torres (CA-35)

    February 26, 2018

    Dear Representative Torres:

    When a woman is assaulted by a man who works in your office, we expect you to take action.

    We are outraged that you have refused to immediately condemn the actions of your district staffer at the Assembly District 52 endorsing caucus sign-in table late Saturday afternoon during the California Democratic Convention.  Your absence on Sunday morning at the Convention was indicative of your awareness of the disturbing situation.  A strong statement from you and your office could have done much to answer questions, deescalate the controversy and provide assurance for the safety of all involved, yet you were nowhere to be found.

    As you must be aware, there is a video being shared on social media, where your staffer, Daniel Enz, pushes past State Senator Connie Leyva while she was standing at the table. The disturbing video clearly shows that Senator Leyva is forcefully pushed into the table from behind and when confronted by Senator Leyva’s husband, Mr. Enz responded even more violently.  

    The complete absence of a response from you and your office is unacceptable and not in line with the core values of our community we would expect your office to uphold.  We call on you to place Mr. Enz on leave pending a complete investigation of his actions and ask for your commitment to fully comply with any law enforcement investigation.  

    This is not the first time that members of our delegation have expressed concern over violence towards a woman perpetrated by a man associated with you, a man who remains your appointed alternate to serve on the San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee.  Do not let this become a pattern of condoning violence over political disagreements. We call upon you, your staff, and your supporters to take a course of action utilizing restorative justice measures in relation to this incident and any situation that may be at the cause of such heightened discord.  We are willing to work with you and your office to share resources about how this can be accomplished as we are also counting on you to demonstrate that you remain committed to represent our community in a manner befitting the office you hold.


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