We can do better!

Irmalinda Osuna for Upland City Council, District 3

As a person who was raised in a tough neighborhood of South Central LA, I have overcome many obstacles. Through hard work, perseverance, and strong values, I have built a life that I’m very proud of and feel privileged to live in Upland.

I've lived in Upland for 15 years, raising my kids here and engaging as an active member of the community. I was a PTA Board Member for the Cabrillo Elementary School and a Band Mom for the Upland High School Marching band all while working a full time job. In these roles, I raised funds and led various activities that enriched the experiences of our youth.

Recent events affecting District 3 made me realize there are so many policy decisions being made locally that impact our everyday lives - economically, socially, environmentally. So I felt it was time to step up and get involved. As a former Project Manager for a large tech firm, I am a master community organizer and thrive on bringing people together to resolve issues (e.g. www.savecabrillopark.com).

My campaign focuses on five main goals:

1. Protect Our Parks and Public Resources – I will advocate for clean, safe and accessible parks and other public resources.

2. Make Upland a More Inclusive Community– We are stronger when we empower the voices, energy and ideas of women, young people, all our various faith traditions, cultural backgrounds, and abilities in our planning and policies.

3. Increase Civic Participation- We can increase citizen involvement beyond meeting attendance; we need to PROACTIVELY engage with the citizens & redefine how we conduct workshops so they are more meaningful and democratic, BEFORE proposals are finalized.

4. Better Communication Through Technology – I will introduce tools we can use TODAY to get information out to residents in a timely manner (e.g. teleconferences, text notification system, live-stream workshops, etc.).

5. Support Small Business - Upland has a rich talent pool of entrepreneurs and small businesses that provide jobs and tax revenue within our city. I will promote community development that prioritizes our local businesses over international chains that take their profits elsewhere.

This year we have an opportunity to elect a candidate from our area who can represent the demographics south of Foothill and who understands the needs and challenges our community faces.

So let’s seize this opportunity! Join my campaign and help us knock on some doors because I know in Upland #WeCanDoBetter!