We answered the call.sistergiantposter_marianne_williamson550.jpg

CATALINA’S LIST was inspired by “Sister Giant,” a political event held after the 2012 election. Hosted by progressive spiritual leader, Marianne Williamson, a call to action was issued for women to participate in politics and address some of the U.S. “dirty little secrets” with UNAPOLOGETICALLY PROGRESSIVE solutions.

​The event highlighted the moral imperative of addressing three key issues: 

◊  pervasive poverty in the United States, ​
◊  the tremendous incarceration rate, and ​
◊  the influence of money in politics and therefore, policy

And, after the all-too-familiar events in Sandy Hook, Connecticut just before the holidays, Sister Giant added:

◊  the tragic consequences of gun violence in our communities. 

Attendees Leticia Garcia, Jocelyn Sida, and Bobbi Jo Chavarria, established Catalina's List to find a new kind of political candidate and support team to answer that call in the Inland Empire. ​The mission of Catalina's List is clear: identify, recruit, train, and support progressive women to participate in politics: from learning citizen civic engagement to running for elected and appointed seats in the Inland Empire and beyond at all levels of politics.

​We provide an opportunity for membership and sponsorship to those who see value in our mission and want to contribute how they can; in time, energy, wisdom, money or other resources.

Join us today.