We continue the call to action for women to participate in politics with UNAPOLOGETICALLY PROGRESSIVE solutions to address some of the U.S.'s “dirty little secrets”: 

◊  pervasive poverty
◊  mass incarceration
◊  money in politics
◊  violence in our communities
◊  environmental degradation and injustice

These issues can be addressed at all levels of our community, from local water boards, city councils and school boards to the state legislature and of course, in Congress and the White House.

There are policy solutions to some of our greatest challenges. It is time to bring those solutions to the forefront of the conversation. We believe that the conversation changes when there is gender parity in the discussion and decision making process. As we work with developing activists, leaders and candidates, we will ensure that progressive issues surrounding human rights, social and economic justice, and peace in the community are the guiding principles when developing practical policy solutions.

In 2014, we determined some specific solutions that were intersectional in both who was impacted and in what areas of concern they overlapped. We developed a policy solution framework that can help candidates and activists work on specific initiative campaigns and measures like the fight for universal healthcare or raising the minimum wage would address the systemic issue of poverty where the impact is tens of millions of children considered "food insecure" in the richest nation in the world.


These issues are part of the system created by humans and can be FIXED by humans. It is a matter of values and principles and being effectivness. If you know of a current campaign and/or policy that needs support, please let us know.

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