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Check out Catalina's List current Campaigns & Programs towards building growing women leaders from the ground up and supporting progressive change!

Catalina's List Direct Civic Engagement Programs:

  • Voter Registration Captains - This program has already trained over 65 voter registration captains on the ins and outs on running effective voter registration drives to include building the contact information list of voters to include phone numbers and email addresses; and converting new and existing poll voters to vote-by-mail (VBM) voters.
  • Candidate & Campaign Support & Training - The upcoming 2018 election cycle is a huge opportunity for us to expand our training to support as many Progressive women candidates and activists in the Inland Empire as we can. The success of the progressive movement will depend on the expanded capacity of trained activists, campaign operatives and volunteers to wage successful ground campaigns for a variety of seats. Click here to find our current list of candidates and a chance to sign-up to volunteer and support them!  Don't have time to volunteer?  Your one-time contribution can help support our work helping these candidates and your monthly membership can help us find the next group of leaders, operatives and more!
  • Workshops - In addition to the developing series, we conduct 90-minute workshops to serve as entry-level orientations to new activists and voters several times a year.
    • Civic Engagement 101
    • Civic Engagement 202
    • The History of Voting Rights
  • Conscientious Projector - Featuring timely and relevant films and documentaries for discussion and community issue education, our conscientious projector series kicked off in November of 2017 with a screening of the comedy, "The Tiger Hunter" co-written and directed by Lena Khan. Lena is the daughter of local Democratic activists, Dr. Talat Khan of Rancho Cucamonga. Our next screening was of the documentary film, "Equal Means Equal" in collaboration with the League of Women Voters - San Bernardino Area on 2018 International Women's Day.  Stay tuned for our details on our next featured film!
  • Stand Up Like a Mountain - This campaign began with Standing Rock Fortification as part of our partner organizations' ongoing effort to educate our community about the need to divest from fossil fuels, to cultivate sustainable energy options and to protect our shared resources.  In 2016, we supported activists to fortify the camp in North Dakota with supplies, with people, and with financial support. Additionally, we will provide opportunity for folks to move in action in solidarity with our sisters and brothers here in the Inland Empire.  Visit our campaign page to make a contribution, join the campaign, and find out more about our partner organizations and activities including the local Air and Water Team, SB County Water Defenders and more.

Catalina's List Partnerships & Collaborations

  • Women's March IE:  Catalina's List will be part of a coalition of women-focused groups and organizations as part of the statewide and national network to maintain the women-of-color led movement inspired by the Women's March in 2017. This program is expected to include trainings, resource sharing, a TEDTalk, and much more to #powertothepolls and into a 2019 march to celebrate electoral victories and movement's increasing power to effect change based on the Unity Principles.

  • Progressive Alliance of the Inland Empire - Our regional area is typically underdeveloped and politically unorganized, so members of Catalina’s List developed a capacity-building project called the Progressive Alliance of the Inland Empire.  The goals of the Progressive Alliance are to serve as a connection hub for progressive leaders; small and large community organizations; groups; and non-profit service organizations to support their contributions in the context of a larger movement of justice, empowerment and peace.Members of the Progressive Alliance help to sustain the organizational work in a co-operative model - sharing resources and tools in order to maximize our combined impact and towards a collaborative effort in the movement for economic, environmental, social and racial justice. We are currently raising money to support biggest endeavor of the Progressive Alliance with a full-time organizer and shared office space.

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