Water. Science. Makes sense. Vote Gracie Torres.

Gracie Torres for Western Municipal Water District

I am running because I care about one thing - WATER!  But most of all, I am running because I truly believe that scientists deserve a seat at the table.  

As your Division 2 representative, I plan to focus on three things: 

  • TRANSPARENCY: Ratepayers should know how their funds are being spent ad where those funds are being allocated. 
  • QUALITY: As a scientist, my background is in actively analyzing the water quality in Riverside County. 
  • CONSERVATION: We all know Riverside County is very dry, which is why we should focus on having a reliable and safe water supply. We can accomplish this through expanding the electorate and having as many one-on-one interactions as possible.  Our community should know they have a science-based option.

Vote for Gracie Torres for Western Municipal Water District to ensure that science-based decisions are made when it comes to our most prized natural resource!