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Fauzia Rizvi for Corona City Council, District 4

Hi my name is Fauzia Rizvi. I am a wife, a mother, a businesswoman and I am running for Corona City Council in District 4.

I have lived in this city for over a decade, and have been involved in several segments of this community. I have raised my three wonderful children here and I own a business right here in Corona. I have been involved in not only the construction of our beautiful mosque but also in the day to day operations as well. My experiences here have shown me there is so much to love about this community, from the tolerance of our neighbors, to the safety for our children. However, there are important problems ahead of us as well.

For example, the difficulty of running a business in this city, which does not have the proper infrastructure. The looming issue of homelessness, as it pervades our parks, as well as development without studying impact on traffic are problems that our community faces. I want to change that, and be your representative on the city council, who will make your voices heard.

Many people have asked me why I am choosing to run for office, and why I’d want to be a Council Member. It’s an important question – not all candidates are running for the same reasons or view the role the same way. I see this role as a natural progression from my past volunteer and professional work. Community involvement is something I value deeply, and it is important to me that I continue to play a positive role in strengthening our city and neighbourhoods.

Our city is at a crucial juncture, where we will decide what the future of our community looks like, and how we tackle larger issues around us. And this is why I am running. Because I love this community and this city, and I cannot sit idly by in this pivotal moment. I am running because I want to be a part of the solution. I look forward to meeting this community even more, and I hope that this community will get to know me, and what I stand for.

Thank you.

Fauzia Rizvi